Dark Horizons novel
Dark Horizons is a new hardback 11th Doctor novel by Jenny Colgan, who has 11 best selling novels or so. When she was 11 years old she met Peter Davison by winning a contest and he thought she was a boy! In any case, the novel is very, very good. It brings back the feeling of good storytelling, amazing original ideas mixed with short references to past stories and other movies and TV shows and the Doctor's own background without going overboard. The novel is helped by not having Amy and Rory and River. The Doctor's on his own and in the far past where he meets Vikings, settlers, and...something else. The TARDIS goes underwater and there is some brilliant imagery there and throughout the other scenes. There are well drawn characters among all the different groups of humans and the threat is dangerous. The Doctor acts like the Doctor--he is not just the hyperactive, manic Doctor we see on TV (IMO Matt Smith has the Doctor all wrong at the current time).

It my opinion that Doctor Who, since 2010 or just before during the Specials (which weren't so special) has lost its storytelling prowess on TV. This novel depicts how to Doctor Who as it tells a plot driven story with seriousness, some humor, a dangerous threat and amazing settings. It is highly recommended.

Who Has $80 For A Doctor Who Hockey Jersey?
Third Doctor
Stumbled across this today; anyone got the cash to get one? :)


Slight Change to the Community
Hi there, your friendly neighborhood mod here. I just wanted to say LJ seems to have made some changes because now all posts by new members seem to be moderated. This is both good and bad. It's good because (as I literally just now saw) there was some kind of adult type spam that was posted to the group. The bad is that because I am working again I'm not here to monitor the group to approve messages right away. So it's good that the porn and other crap spam isn't seen by you guys, however the legitimate posts will be delayed in being seen. Right now I'm not so busy that I wouldn't be able to approve them that same day. Plus things are so quiet here that I'm not concerned with the occasional moderated post. If things change both with the chatter in the community and my schedule, I may have to ask for help. But I don't foresee that happening any time in the near future.

Really? Is that the best you could do?
Acid mines? Really?


I know it is just a plot device to get the 'gangers into the story, but surely another hazardous environment could have been concocted. I really doubt that the 22nd Century's acid will be mined on small islands.

More thoughts later on the episode itself, but I did want to see if I was the only one shaking his/her head at this.

from drwho_discuss

Why The Doctor's Wife was so good
I think I should make an effort to say what I thought was so good about The Doctor's Wife before the episode is swept away by another. A week without much sleep, so please forgive any spelling errors or lapses in coherence.

At the heart of it, I think the episode was so rewarding because it was Doctor Who. Aren't they all, you say? No. During RTD's tenure, one felt that whatever love he had for the show, he was trying to distance himself from what had gone before and make it all his own. I think Moffat has been getting away from that. He seems to have more respect for the history and the canon. Not so much that he won't do things with it, but with respect for and within the larger framework.

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also posted over in drwho_discuss

Doctor Who- Series #1-4 on sale for $31.49- today only!
Today's deal of the day on Amazon is the first 4 series' of Doctor Who on DVD.

Doctor Who: The Complete First Series- $31.49

Doctor Who: The Complete Second Series- $31.49

Doctor Who: The Complete Third Series- $31.49

Doctor Who: The Complete Fourth Series- $31.49

This is the lowest price any of these sets have been on Amazon. Such a classic show at a very good price. Don't miss out, this is only a 1 day sale!

Gingerbread TARDIS
Santa Ducky
I so want to do this one year and I will!

Matt Smith Title Wallpaper
D-7 Model Kit
A re-vamped version of the former 'new' logo wallpaper I've done previously; this one, includes the title in the proper font, the link for which I *could* give out, if anyone wants it....



What's that? Oh, okay:

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Does anybody here watch Chuck?  I nearly died laughing when they did the intro to the A-Team at the beginning of the episode.  oh man that was funny!!!!

hmm... interesting
Well there's been talks of this possibly happening, if nothing else needed an answer to the 12 regenerations question since we're getting close.  I've never seen Sarah Jane Adventures and from what I was reading on facebook, it sounds like I won't be seeing it any time soon since we haven't gotten it here in the states.  Still this does pose an interesting question, and that is, just how will this affect the universe in the long run?  And what of the Time Lords?  Will we ever see them again?  What about the Doctor's Daughter?  I'd love it if they brought her back.  Would be great to see if the Doctor remembers her and if she'd recognise him without being told that's who it is.  It would also be great for them to travel together for some time.

Read at your own caution, contains spoilers.


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