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TimeGate 2014, the DW (and more) convention, Atlanta, GA, USA, May 23rd-25th
Doctor Who Tardis title by lessrest
TimeGate 2014, the Doctor Who (& more) annual convention, is taking place in Atlanta, GA, USA, over the Memorial Day weekend, May 23rd-25th. Please check out the site for a list of guests, events, hotel and travel info, memberships, and more, here: http://timegatecon.org/

If you find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed by the throngs of people at the big cons like SDCC and Dragoncon, please consider attending TimeGate. :) However, just because the con is smallish, doesn't mean that there isn't plenty to do! We have seven tracks of programming! Also: major events, with the con's guests, in the Main Ballroom, several rooms for gaming, a wonderful consuite, photo opps and autographs with the guests, an even larger dealers' room this year, fan tables, performances (musical and theatrical), a charity cabaret, a masquerade, and more.

One of the tracks, or portals as we call them at TimeGate, is the Wardrobe Portal, which is mostly about costuming/cosplaying in the Who'verse. The DW track is the Gallifrey Portal, which has the major guest events in the Main Ballroom, in addition to the fan panels in the track room.

Memberships are only $45 through May 1st; afterwards, they are $60 at the door. Check the website for member registration:

See everyone at TimeGate 2014!

100+ multi-fandom icons
10 + rose #1

[01] 9/Rose (Doctor Who)
[01] Abbie Mills (Sleepy Hollow)
[25] Amanda Seyfried (Celeb)
[11] Amy Pond (Doctor Who)
[01] Amy Santiago (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)
[22] Brian/Justin (Queer as Folk)
[01] Chris Argent (Teen Wolf)
[11] Clara Oswald (Doctor Who)
[02] Donna Noble (Doctor Who)

[01] Derek Hale (Teen Wolf)
[03] Eleven (Doctor Who)
[02] Jennifer Blake (Teen Wolf)
[08] Lydia Martin (Teen Wolf)
[01] Lydia/Stiles (Teen Wolf)
[01] Marin Morrell (Teen Wolf)
[02] Martha Jones (Doctor Who)
[01] Nine (Doctor Who)

[01] Phil Coulson (The Avengers)
[02] River song (Doctor Who)
[04] Rose Tyler (Doctor Who)

[02] Scott McCall (Teen Wolf)
[01] Scott/Stiles (Teen Wolf)
[03] Ten (Doctor Who)

here @ thinkingalike

Phaser HDDVD remote control
If we're under a Polar Vortex, what I want to know is, why haven't we seen the TARDIS?

Doctor Who: The Day of The Doctor 1080p HD Logofree Screencaps

Gallery & Zip Download Links available here @ screencappednet

22 doctor who icons
sookie #1

[01] 9/Rose
[01] 10/Donna
[05] 10/Rose
[06] 11/Amy
[02] 11/Amy/Rory
[01] 11/Clara
[01] 11/Rory
[04] Amy/Rory
[02] Martha/Mickey

here @ thinkingalike

Dragoncon Float Builders Need Some Help, please and thanks
Five by lady_of_tardis
Andy Teal, who runs the Pyrdon Academy board for the Doctor Who'verse costumers/cosplayers who hang out at Dragoncon (march in the parade, have video-and-photoshoots, a big group dinner, etc.) and other cons, has an appeal for any DW, SJA, and TW fans and costumers in the Atlanta area right now, and any DW'verse fans and cosplayers who are arriving early for Dragoncon next week: basically they need help finishing up the parade float.

If you are a DW'verse costumer and attend Dragoncon, please consider joining the Pyrdon Academy board here:
http://www.prydonacademy.com/ . It's free and takes only a minute to sign up. Once you are on the PA board you can contact Andy direct about helping in the Dragoncon Parade Float thread. There's a direct link below for those of you already on the PA board.

Under the cut, is Andy's request for help w/ the D*C parade float:

Read more...Collapse )

Voting Day
On this oh so important day in the states, I'm sitting here thinking....  The political posts on facebook are finally going to end.  As they say in Chicago, vote early, vote often.  ;)  I haven't voted yet, and will do later.  But in the mean time, for those that have voted, or are hiding out from all the political stuff (like me), you can play here.  I added a bunch of tags last night, couldn't think of anything else but I'm sure there are a lot more that I can add.  So if you have anything you'd like to see, please feel free to let me know and I'll add the tags.  Oh and I changed the community look. Didn't really see a whole lot that I liked, but I thought this would be a fun change.

Your mod has been slacking

I just wanted to ask, if you guys run across spam on here, please send me a message (if I obviously don't see it in a timely manner to deal with it).  I've hardly been on lj for the past couple years (or more), things have just been rough the past 4 years with the job market.  So I've barely had time to even think about lj most days, much less remember to check in.  At last I still have lj set to send me an email when someone sends me a message, so I'll get that.  It's to one of the email accounts I check multiple times daily.



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